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Deposit Promotions in Canada — A Race to the Bottom?

Banks need to clarify their deposit needs over the next few years and overhaul the metrics, skills and strategies used to drive deposit gathering.

novantas perspective

Forecasting Percentage Growth

Do Your Dependent Variable Transformations for PPNR Stress Testing Make Sense?

novantas perspective

Managing Serial Correlation in PPNR CCAR Stress Test Models

Pros and Cons of AR Errors, Newey-West SEs, and FGLS


Evolving Deposit Analytics and Technology to Support Business and Regulatory Mandates

4th Annual Retail Deposit Design and Optimisation


Deposit Decay and Beta Estimation

Novantas Webinar


Small bank NIMs reflect reality of low rate environment

For most community banks, the first quarter of 2016 proved another tough one for margins.

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