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Disappearing Customer

They may not know it, but many US banks are experiencing a net decline in their overall organic growth rates of checking customers.


Sitting Down with Novantas

The Novantas Review is pleased to introduce a new feature in which we interview an expert about the banking industry.


Commercial Banking Needs Tech Injection to Keep Customers

Commercial and corporate-banking operations are well behind the curve when it comes to digital transformation, a sharp contrast to retail-banking businesses that are increasingly using technology to embrace modern consumer preferences and to analyze behavior.


Banks: Don’t Let HAL Ruin Your Robo Plans

“And 50 years after the movie — almost to the day, we’re still worried about the use of technology. But this isn’t science fiction, the demand is here, like or not,” said Wayne Cutler


Novantas’ PriceTek® Crosses $3 Trillion Deposits Under Management, Representing Share from All U.S. Banking Segments

Novantas is pleased to announce that in the first quarter of 2018, the company’s flagship solutions product, PriceTek® Deposits, has reached $3.2 trillion deposits under management.


BankUnited Selects Novantas’ PriceTek® to Deepen Deposit Portfolio Insights

Novantas is pleased to announce that BankUnited, N.A. has selected the company’s PriceTek® Deposits platform to advance the bank’s deposit analysis capabilities and make more strategic portfolio decisions.

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