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Canadian Banking Industry 2Q17

The Big 6 Canadian banks experienced strong results for 2Q17 in spite of major events in the quarter.


Fed Moves Again: Rates Continue to Lag, but Pressures are Clearly Emerging

The Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds rate another 25 bps as expected — the fourth increase since 2015 and the third in a more recent series of moves.


Quarterly U.S. Commercial Deposit Study: 1Q 2017 Findings

Growth in interest-bearing deposits is far outpacing growth in non-interest bearing deposits…could this signal the beginning of a large shift in balances as rates rise?


Money Fund Rollback Gains Traction

“Curtailing reform could help pump much more money into the funds and give a short-term liquidity cushion to companies that borrow in the commercial paper market if the economy contracts and credit gets squeezed,” said Tony Carfang


How Retail Banks Optimize Customer Journey Analytics by Driving Value from their Data Lakes

New York City Cloudera Sessions


Liquidity Risk Management: Integrating liquidity into business line management

2nd Annual Liquidity Risk Management

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