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This Week in Retail Banking | June 6, 2020

The U.S. is grappling with heightened uncertainty this week. For retail banking, this includes assessing myriad supply and demand issues to determine if the business and behavioral changes experienced during the pandemic are temporary or permanent.


This Week in Retail Banking | May 30, 2020

Despite continued reopening around the country, the prolonged COVID-related disruption and mounting retail bankruptcies are creating much uncertainty about how quickly banks should resume more normal branch operations.


This Week in Retail Banking | May 23, 2020

As the country continues to ease COVID-19 restrictions, banks want to know what to expect across different markets when cities begin to reopen.


Coronavirus crisis mobile banking surge is a shift that’s likely to stick

Recent survey by fintech company Novantas finds only 40% of respondents said they expect to return to branches post-Covid.


Novantas Acquires Amplero to Accelerate AI-Powered Transformation

Novantas acquires Amplero to accelerate AI-Powered transformation for banks.


Shelter in place: Is the coronavirus a turning point for challenger banks?

Novantas’ Brandon Larson discusses COVID-19 as a catalyst for change at banks.