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Merger and Acquisition Support


We have developed proprietary methodologies and models to estimate future revenue streams for Financial Services acquisitions. We carefully assess the current and future performance of the target company by macro-economic, regulatory, product pricing, customer, and distribution factors, identifying opportunities to generate additional NIM and fees from the deposit franchise. In the past five years, we have had a role in more than 25 major bank mergers. Our services include:


Merger Due Diligence

For acquirers and PE firms, we apply our expertise and proprietary data to determine the revenue and cost implications of potential M&A transactions, including effects of re-pricing the current portfolio, market overlaps for savings, and product normalization costs and risks.

Merger Clean Room Management

To facilitate the transition period before closing on a merger, we establish a central data and analytics repository for institutions. We conduct the necessary analysis and planning on behalf of the organizations and produce a detailed “point of arrival (POA)” plan.