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Novantas has joined with FBX to create Curinos.
Visit our new website here

At Novantas, we combine deep expertise and analytic savvy to help financial-industries clients solve complex problems every day – and we enjoy doing it. If you like working with numbers, have never met a puzzle you didn’t like, and are eager to take on responsibility, your next opportunity is at Novantas.

Please send your resume to for employment considerations.

Who We Are & What We Look For

Domain Experts

We are passionate about the pursuit of excellence and expertise.

Actively pursue and/or promote continuous learning and personal development


We are curious and use experiments and research to build evidence and uncover facts that drive discussions, recommendations, data and technology solutions.

Strive for the best answer, utilizing accuracy & precision in what you say and do


We deal with things sensibly and realistically. We believe in doing what works best and always pushing beyond abstract notions to deliver value.

Persevere to find the best, most practical solution


We believe that in working together we all achieve more. We recognize and support each other’s talents and contribute our own without reservation.

Support your colleagues both professionally and personally


We seek out and value diverse approaches, backgrounds, and ideas. We strive to bring together individuals from a diversity of innate and acquired backgrounds, such that everyone feels empowered to grow.

Appreciate and actively encourage the differences among us


We are self-starters who take ownership of our time, our actions, and the quality of our work. Rather than just seeing problems, we come up with ideas to do something about them.

Be self-driven and persevere through difficult problems

People are the Heart and Soul of the Company

Diverse, inquisitive, hard-working and humble…just a few adjectives you could use to describe the people at Novantas. Our employees come from all walks of life, bringing with them expertise in their fields and a unique blend of interests that contribute to the Novantas mind-meld.

Getting a Broader View - Rohit Prakash | #InItTogether
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Interested in joining Novantas?
Please send your resume to for employment considerations.