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PriceTek® Deposits

Deposit Pricing and Product Management

To make timely and profitable deposit management decisions, banks require a strong analytical foundation built on customer level analytics to deliver optimized pricing models, and streamlined execution.

PriceTek Deposits is a single access point for the ongoing analysis of portfolio performance, price elasticity and the competitive landscape – everything bankers need to run a successful deposit business. The platform leverages over 15 years of proven deposit pricing methodologies, compiling and processing vast amounts of data into relevant metrics and models that are then delivered through an intuitive web-based interface. With PriceTek Deposits, a pricing team has the right technology at their fingertips to empower more scientific, analytically driven pricing and product management decisions.

Core Benefits

Better, Faster Analytics

Support the field and make faster decisions with access to key customer level portfolio metrics and competitive analytics.

Single Source of Truth

Leverage PriceTek as an interactive data warehouse, with access to cleaned data and key metrics, to support teams across pricing, treasury, marketing, ALCO, and more.

Price with Precision

Drive significant improvement in volume and profit for any position on the efficient frontier by understanding the impact of rate changes on customer behavior and defining pricing strategies accordingly.

Reduce Operational Risk

Improve operational efficiency with PriceTek capabilities including: data validation, usage controls and tracking, rate monitoring, self service reporting, substantial documentation.


Market Analytics

Orange ArrowAnalyze and monitor crucial aspects of the competitive landscape.

Bank Analytics

Orange ArrowGenerate dynamic portfolio reporting and analyses across key metrics.

Vintage Analytics

Orange ArrowCalculate duration analytics across all portfolio products and segments.

Pricing Strategy and Optimization

Orange ArrowModel pricing decisions with “what if” Scenario analysis and rate optimization.

Rate Management

Orange ArrowMonitor competitiveness and execute rate changes with core system linkages.


Orange ArrowGenerate automated, customizable report packages and download directly to PPT or Excel for analysis and presentations.



Changing the game with PriceTek® Deposits

How First Tennessee Bank improved their profitability and efficiency with advanced analytics.

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Pricetek® Advantage: Cannibalization Detection Saves Hundreds of Thousands in Interest Expense

Within just a few months of implementing PriceTek, the pricing team at a client bank quickly identified and resolved an anomalous increase in money market sales – saving the bank significant interest expense.

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Bank of Montreal Uses PriceTek® Deposits to Advance Pricing Infrastructure

The Making of a Successful, Client Tailored, Deposit Pricing Implementation.

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Hit Your Funding Goals in a Volatile Market

Novantas’ PriceTek Deposit technology provides banks with deep analytic support, enabling them to hit growth goals while optimizing margin.

Download Info Sheet

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