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Marketing and Distribution

The financial services industry continues to face a challenging economic environment made only more complicated by changing customer behaviors.

Banks are starved for profitable revenue growth, branch sales and transactions are falling, digital preferences are on the rise, and the factors that influence a customer’s bank choice and banking behavior continue to evolve. Banks can no longer avoid the need for transformative change across their business system to generate household growth and satisfy customers.

We provide a range of advisory services and solutions focused on these challenges to marketing and distribution functions at banks across North America, Europe and Australia. We have deep experience in the financial services space, with a unique combination of subject matter expertise, proprietary data and tools to help banks integrate and refine multi-channel networks and marketing strategy in a rapidly transforming industry.


Market Playbooks

Market Playbooks help banks quantify and determine the optimum mix of distribution and marketing investments to apply by market to maximize investment payoff. Determination of these investments — price promotion, advertising spend, advertising focus, convenience spend (e.g. hours, location, services), and more — are driven by well honed frameworks for market level strategy and models that determine the best mix to achieve the banks profit, growth, and strategic positioning objectives.

Network Optimization

We help clients determine and design the optimal network architecture and implementation path by applying customer channel behaviors and preferences to the optimal combination of distribution channels. The resulting distribution network map provides the framework and implementation plan for investment in building, closing or repurposing branches, as well as developing virtual channel capabilities.

Marketing Impact

All bank marketing strives to allocate and optimize resources for maximum impact. This requires sound strategy that achieves “distinctiveness” for a bank, insightful segmentation, progressive use of digital marketing technologies, rigorous tracking and assessment of ROI, and marketing organization effectiveness. Our solutions address these needs with an underpinning of data science and a respect for the role of creativity. We work with banks to develop a comprehensive brand strategy by conducting brand attribute and competitive diagnostics, identifying areas of differentiation, building out a value proposition, and guiding implementation and governance.

Customer Analytics Transformation

Better in-house analytical capabilities are required to operate more effectively in a compressed margin environment. To accomplish this, we help banks restructure and redefine the analytical agenda, infuse the talent pool, and leverage their in house resources with external expertise. We help transform the client’s capabilities, typically involving a diagnostic analysis and competitive benchmarking, restructuring of the analytics agenda, reorganization, as well as redefining fundamental metrics.

Digital Channel Effectiveness

To advance the maturity of the digital channel’s role in serving the evolving client preferences, we have developed a set of advisory and analytic approaches to: digital investment business case and prioritization, transaction migration and digital cross sell strategies, and digitally led value proposition development.


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