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Becoming a Marketing Led Organization – Findings from Novantas’ CMO Benchmarking Study

Retail Banking 2017

Paul Kadin, Managing Director, Novantas
Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini, Chief Marketing and Digital Sales Officer, BBVA
Mark Herron, Chief Marketing Officer, People’s United Bank

Marketing, as a discipline, is transforming in its mix of science and creativity. A parallel transformation in retail banking overall toward “digital first” is throwing open the whole banking business system to reevaluation. How can bank Marketing provide leadership to these changes and insure the customer is at the center? Over the past year Novantas has collected best practices from 31 participating banks in a CMO Benchmarking Study. The best practices have proven to drive revenue growth.
In this presentation the five themes of marketing transformation that emerged from the study will be discussed, with examples of best practice cited for each:
• How marketing can provide positive influence to the whole organization
• The importance of brand distinctiveness
• Advancing the state of digital marketing
• Making the right investments in marketing technologies
• Solving the attribution and marketing ROI challenges in the banking category
At least one senior exec from a participating Benchmark Study bank will join in the presentation to share their experience pursuing these five themes.
Attendees will walk away with useful frameworks to evaluate their bank’s situation, ideas from best practices cited from the study and analytic approaches to make business cases for investments needed.

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