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Breaking the Network Log Jam

CBA Webinar Series

Alex J. Lee, Director – Distribution Solutions, Novantas
Kimberly Hval, SVP – Retail Network Strategy & Analysis Manager, Bank of the West

Regardless of how bankers build their network plans, all banks face a common hurdle: getting those in the field on board. Both the field and central planners manage their own objectives and goals, and while the field can always identify somewhere in their own market for investment, central planning needs to deploy limited resources across the entire footprint. Ultimately, to build a more powerful and efficient network, these groups need to align, but how do you get everyone to work from the same playbook?

Join Novantas as we discuss new approaches that banks have taken to bridge the gap between how the field looks at investment and rationalization in the network, and how network planners can balance those same needs across the footprint. This webinar will serve as a pivotal case study for network planners who are looking to leverage analytics and metrics that provide a clear and consistent view of opportunity within your footprint for faster agreement within the organization, and ultimately, smarter actions across the network.


  • Framework for assessing market opportunity that can be supported up and down the organization
  • New metrics and analytics that provide powerful ways to quantify the value of opportunity and visibility for each branch
  • Case studies for how these analytics can be integrated into a best-practice network planning process


  • Identify powerful ways to get the field and executives aligned on opportunity
  • Learn about how perceived scale can be measured
  • Develop new ways of assessing the network through powerful analytics

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444