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Why Broad-Based Campaigns are Hurting Your Deposit Portfolio

Mark Herron, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, People’s United Bank
Ravi Kumar, Senior Vice President, Head of Direct Bank, CIT Bank
Hank Israel, Director, Head of Customer Analytics and Treatments, Novantas
Zak Kaplan, Principal, Customer Analytics and Treatments, Novantas

Digital transformation and increased competition for deposits are driving banks to pursue more granular customer strategies. While broad-based campaigns are a quick way to gather deposits, the cost of re-pricing the portfolio can have negative repercussions. Namely, it can cost a bank twice as much and attract less desirable, shorter duration deposits in the process.

Join Novantas thought leaders and a panel of bank practitioners to learn how two leading regional/direct banks are combating this challenge.


  1. Actionable use cases for maintaining low-cost deposits
  2. Relevant analytics for deposit acquisition and retention
  3. Evolving capabilities to realize success today while building the ecosystem for tomorrow


  1. Understand the challenge of gathering deposits in today’s markets
  2. Learn about leading edge analytics available to organizations of all sizes
  3. Hear from peers with early success in driving demonstrable use cases in balance acquisition and retention

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