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How to Close Branches and Keep Customers: A Case Study — New, Practical Network Optimization for Tough Trade Offs


Ken Perdue, VP-Branch Optimization Manager, First Citizens Bank
Alex Lee, Director, Novantas, Inc.
Darryl Demos, Executive Vice President , Novantas

With decreased margins and the shift in customer preferences towards electronic channels, banks are under pressure to make tough network trade-off decisions both faster and smarter. Rushing these network decisions, however, can result in costly mistakes as it pertains to customer acquisition, retention and profits. Top banks have worked to build out better fact-based analyses and metrics in order to dramatically improve the decision making process.

Join Novantas and First Citizens for a look at how innovative analytics can lead to powerful insights in network planning and decision making, and how the right tools and data can accelerate growth by focusing attention on the markets that truly need it.

In this webinar, you will learn how First Citizens has applied new analytic techniques to help make strategic Branch decisions:

  • Closing and consolidating locations, while retaining customers
  • Why branch trading areas are the wrong planning geographic metric
  • Measuring “new business at risk” in a branch and market evaluation
  • Trading off ATM’s for branches – when and how many and where
  • Allocating limited renovation budgets to the best markets and locations
  • Combining consumer + small business + commercial + wealth segments for a total view of the opportunity
  • Considering the increasing “virtual” customer behavior to shape future decision making
  • Top 5 network optimization pitfalls and how to avoid them

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444