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The Checking Game — Are You in the Running?

Novantas Webinar Series

Rob Rubin, Managing Director, Novantas
Paul Kadin, Managing Director, Novantas

Novantas estimates 7% of households will open new checking accounts in 2015. Roughly two-thirds of these consumers will only consider checking products from one or two institutions and the balance are open to considering a broader set of institutions. While convenience continues to be the primary purchase driver for consumers opening new checking accounts, perceptions of convenience are shifting.

To help banks understand how to secure a position in shoppers’ consideration sets, join Novantas experts Rob Rubin and Paul Kadin for a webinar that explores the underlying motives of checking account shoppers, how leading banks are addressing consumers’ changing notion of convenience, and strategies for banks to win “influence-able” shoppers. During this 1-hour session, Rob and Paul will highlight:

  • Proprietary survey research that details what motivates “people-in-motion” to shop
  • How many shoppers are truly “influence-able”
  • How you can position your institution to capture these new accounts

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