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Data Driven Disruption and Innovation: The Role of Management Consultants in Driving Agile Marketing Best Practices

Evolve 2018

Brandon Larson, Managing Director, Novantas

Management consulting is a $250 billion industry. It’s big. It’s growing. It’s highly profitable and are a stable of corporate life. Over the last few years, we’ve seen strong organic growth of digital transformation and marketing effective practices coupled with aggressive M&A activity by these firms. According to Pivotal Research, “management consultants now account for 7.5% of the ad industry’s total revenue in the US and are impressively growing more than ten times faster than the [ad agency] industry as a whole”.

Hear from the practice & thought leaderships of leading consulting firms on of how data driven agile marketing practices are driving business efficiency and adoption of a data driven marketing approach. Although somewhat disruptive, practice leads will share how they are also driving innovation with both corporate marketing leaders and traditional ad agencies that are in place with their clients.

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