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Data Governance to Support Advanced Analytics – What Works and Doesn’t

CBA Webinar Series

Darryl Demos, EVP Solutions, Novantas
Rob Rubin, Director, Novantas
Kaushik Deka, Chief Technology Officer, Novantas
Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank
Lynn M. O’Connor, Group Vice President, M&T Bank

There is an arms race to harness the power of data and analytics in banking.  Bank challenges range from efficiently gathering and organizing data to delivering intelligence through access to analytics and tools that enable decisions to be made consistently and timely. Based on ongoing Novantas research and conversations with institutions across the US, there is a proven path to success and set of best practices around data governance and data management for banks as they move through various levels of maturity, on their analytical journey.

In this session we will give an overview of the results and an analysis of one-on-one interviews with several banks about their data governance policies and practices. The discussion will focus on how they are using data for analytics and their overall strategies for managing data and prioritizing use cases.


  • A closer look at data governance: level setting the scope and role for banks once and for all
  • Challenges and opportunities banks are facing to achieve “single source of truth/multiple versions of truth” data and information architectures
  • Top signals your data and analytics journey is “off track” and how to course correct
  • Practical strategies and examples to advance analytics capabilities


  1. Benchmark your institution’s “analytic maturity level” and strategies to evolve to higher levels
  2. Learn how different institutions have tackled data governance to improve the quality of internal data
  3. Listen to use-case examples of “quick wins” that various banks have done to improve data governance and leverage analytics for decision-support

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 901-2772

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