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DOL – The Customer Lens

BISA 2017 Annual Convention

Wayne Cutler, EVP, Novantas
Rhomes Aur, CEO, FTB Advisors (First Tennessee Bank)
Vance A. Richard, SVP –  Program Manager, Iberia Financial Services, LLC
Tom Mudlaff, SVP,  Capital One Investing

In the post-DOL world, the nature of wealth management is shifting from product- to customer-focused sales and planning. In practice, this significant cultural shift translates to immediate changes in policy and practices, increased investments in training and ongoing education, as well as some important strategic considerations with regard to segmentation and profitability. In this discussion, we’ll explore these challenges from the perspective of both the wealth organizations and the consumer; discuss the “silver linings” of DOL; and highlight how with the right approach, the short-term negatives can turn into long-term strengths like excellent customer experience.

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