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Gearing up Analytics


Novantas at BAI Retail Delivery 2014

After positive feedback from our sessions in 2013, Novantas is once again running an exclusive presentation series in the Expo Hall at BAI, focusing this year on how to maximize analytics for faster growth with scarce resources. Don’t miss out on an intimate information sharing and networking opportunity at one of the largest banking conferences in the world. Our 30-min overview sessions will address the most critical analytics topics across:

Distribution: Solving for Virtual Presence — the New Network Formula

1:00 PM, Wed 11/12

Sales: Metrics Versus Mindset — Salesforce Goal Optimization

4:30 PM, Wed 11/12

Marketing: Acquiring New Customers in a Low Churn Environment

6:00 PM, Wed 11/12 and 1:00 PM, Thu 11/13

Consumer Loans: Segmenting to Gain Profitable Market Share in Consumer Lending

4:30 PM, Thu 11/13

Deposits: Funding Loan Growth in a Rising Rate Environment

6:00 PM, Thu 11/13

A special presentation by Novantas and Informa Research Services
Rate-Based Products: Getting Granular: The Next Generation of Retail Bank Pricing

3:00 PM, Wed 11/12 and 11:00 AM, Thu 11/13

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444