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Getting the Best Mileage from Price Sensitivity for Indirect Auto Lending

CBA Webinar Series Sponsored by Novantas

Richard Hanks, Director of Data Analytics, Sonic Automotive
Ryan Ritz, Managing Director, Novantas, Inc.
Zach Wise, Principal, Novantas, Inc.

Indirect auto lending presents a unique analytic challenge with respect to interest rate elasticity since both borrower and dealer are decision-makers with different sensitivities to rates, origination fees, and payments. Pricing this channel not only requires a solid understanding of elasticity across borrower attributes, but an extended knowledge of auto dealer behavior. Given the choices of dealers and borrowers, how do you simplify complex profitability and elasticity of demand functions for price optimization?

Join Novantas and a panel of industry experts for a deep dive pricing review of the indirect auto loan world. In this practical discussion, we’ll explore the unique perspectives of the lender, the dealer and the borrower, highlighting the price sensitivities of both borrower and dealer (whether to rate, fees, payment amount, compensation level or sales volume), how these vary by customer attributes (e.g., LTV, collateral age, term, average mark-up), and how to use analytic insights to develop a sophisticated framework for powerful pricing decisions.


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