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How Mid-tier Banks are Leveraging Analytics to Support Branch Transformation

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Kevin Tweddle, Director,  Novantas
Alex J. Lee, Director, Novantas

National banks have been extremely active in managing their branch networks and are increasingly using sophisticated analytical techniques to support both growth and consolidation decisions. As a mid-tier bank, how are you keeping up with these rising trends to match the scale and efficiency of your largest counterparts?

This webinar will examine these recent trends in detail, identifying the analytic techniques that are core to driving important decisions about the future of your network. Register here to learn how you can focus on the right information to maximize growth in your footprint in the most efficient way possible. We will provide a deep-dive on:

  • Recent trends on branch changes by type of branch, ATM role, share change, M&A activity impact and network equity for large and mid-tier banks
  • 5 analytic essentials for your network distribution activities, including market opportunity scoring, billboard value visibility analysis, competitive scale and network equity, neighborhood vs. location analysis, customer attrition analysis, and a  market and product competitive assessment
  • Case study examples and success stories in using these essential analytical techniques


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