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How Mid-Tier Banks are Reducing Funding Costs and Improving ALM

Brad Resnick, Pricing Practice Manager, Novantas
Greg Muenzen, Principal, Novantas
Ryan Ritz, Managing Director, Novantas

In today’s rising rate environment, it’s critical for banks to surgically manage their pricing and benchmark against their competitors to grow their net interest margin. To optimize deposit funding, many mid-tier banks are improving their capabilities with more advanced modeling and analytics – reducing funding costs by an average of 4-5 bps. But, the big question still remains what kind of solutions will help pricing experts make informed decisions to optimize their pricing strategies?

This webinar will provide you with actionable insights on how to grow your deposit portfolio and leverage deposit data to improve ALM for your organization. Join us on Wednesday, February 15, at 2pm EDT for a deep-dive session on:

  • Respond and react to the changing environment: 3 steps to optimize pricing now and in the future
  • The five “analytic essentials” of pricing decisions: your one-stop shop to gain information on competitive market intelligence, detailed flow of funds, account customer duration and analysis, detailed modeling capabilities, and operational efficiency for better reporting
  • The impact of deposit analytics on ALM: how advanced pricing analytics can provide the building blocks for the Treasury team to improve the quality, growth, and cost of deposits
  • Plus, real case study results from mid-tier banks that have successfully improved their bottom line by increasing productivity, streamlining reporting, and making intelligent cost saving decisions

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444