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How Retail Banks Optimize Customer Journey Analytics by Driving Value from their Data Lakes

New York City Cloudera Sessions

Kaushik Deka, CTO, Novantas

Gaining insights into the breadth, depth, persistence and potential of a customer relationship enables smarter business decisions. This requires a deep understanding of customer behavioral characteristics and a framework for doing customer journey analytics at scale. In this session, Kaushik Deka, CTO of Novantas, is going to discuss the central tenets of a Spark-based analytics solution, built on Cloudera EDH, that banks are leveraging to analyze customer journey and optimize outcomes to drive value from their data lakes.

Kaushik will provide insights on:

  • The critical component parts of the customer relationship life cycle – and the volumes of useful data generated at each stage.
  • How banks are leveraging this data and behavioral analytics to make customer-level decisions in pricing and marketing.
  • The key technology catalysts behind MetricScape – a specialized solution to resolve the data engineering and data governance challenges  while doing customer longitudinal analysis from an ever-growing collection of data sources.
  • How MetricScape integrates with the Cloudera EDH platform.

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444