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How to Grow Deposits When the Rate Outlook is Muddled

Novantas Webinar Series

No matter which way rates go or don’t go in 2019, most banks will still need to grow deposits. With the uncertainty of Fed moves in 2019, however, managing your deposit costs will become more difficult.

Analysis of prior flat rate environments has shown that deposit costs in commercial and consumer continue to “creep” upward even when the Fed holds steady, placing a premium on deposit analytics, and forward-looking plans to respond to potential downward, or upward moves in the Fed rate.

Join our team of experts to learn critical actions you and your pricing committee will need to take to be better prepared for an uncertain 2019.

In this 60-min session, you will hear:

  • Key Consumer and Commercial deposit insights derived from proprietary data that tracks $3T+ of “actual rates paid” deposit data
  • The drivers of ongoing deposit cost increases in a flat rate environment—case studies from prior flat rate environments
  • How to develop a forward-looking playbook to get ahead of potential Fed moves (down or up) and competitive developments, like irrational competition
  • Key questions that each member of your pricing committee (Treasury, CFO, Marketing and Analytics) should be asking

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444