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How to Maintain Margin and Sustain Growth in a Flat Rate Environment

GFMI 5th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management, Canada

Andrew Frisbie, EVP, Head of Consumer Pricing, Novantas
Nick Young, Director, Novantas
D’Arcy McDonald, SVP, Day to Day Banking, Retail Deposits & Investments, Advisor Deposit Services, Scotiabank
Oliver Small, Director, Product, Management, Deposits, Tangerine
Sundar Ramanathan, Managing Director, Portfolio Optimization, ATB Financial

This session will cover:

  • Deposit “creep”: What happens if the base rate stops moving?
  • The pricing and product implications of the stratification in banking
  • The pros and cons of promotional pricing
  • Strategies for dealing with ambiguity in growth needs

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444