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Keep, Improve or Close Branches? Smart New Analytics for Tough Branch Decisions


Alex Lee, Director, Novantas
Darryl Demos, Executive Vice President, Novantas

Given revenue pressures coupled with a shift in customer preferences to electronic channels, banks are under pressure to make tough network trade-off decisions faster and smarter. Novantas estimates that the cost of renovation and improving branches can run $3.5 million for every 35 locations, let alone the minimum $1.5 million in capital needed to add a location. Ill informed decision making can be costly for years in terms of customer acquisition, retention and profits.

Better, fact-based analysis and metrics can dramatically improve decision making but for community and regional banks, without the luxury of large dedicated teams, the challenge is significant. Come to this complimentary BankersHub webcast to hear how community and regional banks are “upping their game” to improve network decision making in an affordable manner.

Attendees will leave knowing how to:

  • Close locations and keep customers
  • Build and use “micro markets” as the foundation for better branch decisions
  • Measure “new business at risk” in a branch or market evaluation
  • Trade off ATM’s for branches – when and how many
  • Consider the “virtual” tendencies of customers to help shape future decision making
  • Better use of maps and data to align CFO’s and Branch Leaders

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444