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Lower Betas, Higher Runoff? Optimizing Deposits in an Unpredictable Environment

Novantas Webinar Series

Adam Stockton, Director, Novantas
Ryan Schulz, Principal, Novantas

With rates rising and bank customer behavior starting to change, competition is intensifying for deposits.  Performance is not consistent across banks, and we see emerging winners and losers.  As we leave the longest period of stagnant, low interest rates, many banks do not have the data or the staff to learn from prior periods of rising rates.  This leaves banks to try and optimize deposits in unchartered territory.  To succeed, banks must have an integrated strategy to ensure that they have optimized funding across all available sources, and established new tactical plans to execute the strategies for each line of business.

Join us to learn:

  • Rising rate projections and differences by category of bank
  • Why “steady state” funding strategies from the low rate environment may not work as rates rise
  • Designing scenario analysis to identify forward-looking risks and tailor funding strategies to a range of environments
  • The importance of flexibility of goals and strategies across lines of business and funding sources
  • How tactical pricing management can save 5–10 bps through rising rates

And hear real examples of integrated strategies:

  • Retail: When should a bank use retail CDs as a funding source?
  • Commercial:  How do we grow operating balances (most valuable) while meeting our short-term funding needs?

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