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Metric Makeover – Driving Customer-Centric Behaviors with New Metrics and Goals

Novantas Webinar Series

Dale Johnson, Managing Director, Novantas
Steve Sutker, Client Services Manager, Novantas

In the era of big data and digitization, banks, like all industries, manage by measurement. For retail executives, improving branch performance is a high priority, but more often than not, there are gaps in information and/or measurement capabilities that prevent significant improvement.

Join Novantas experts on Tuesday, October 25th from 2-3pm EDT for a deep dive on new data and metrics you can leverage to improve the science behind your goaling process and understand how branches are performing in relation to customer acquisition, household growth, customer account balance penetration, and more importantly, which branches are over or under performing against the competitive landscape.

The webinar will focus on key topics including:

  • Better goals – how do you create better goals to increase employee productivity?
  • New to Bank penetration – how do sales and account balances to new to bank customer stack up?
  • Existing customer growth – how do sales and associated balance growth to existing customers stack up?
  • Which branches are over or under performing compared to like competitors in their market place?
  • How do you implement effective monitoring strategies in today’s banking environment?
  • Which branches lead or lag in both key productivity performance and in key sales metrics?
  • Is there a need in the network to realign sales staff to higher sales opportunity areas?

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 901-2772

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