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Mortgage Pricing Analytics: Maximizing Revenue

CBA Webinar Series

Zach Wise, Director, Novantas
Andrew Frisbie, Managing Director, Novantas
David Giles, Director, Bank of America
Justin Whitener, Director of Analytics and Pricing, Ally Bank


Significant pressures on mortgage origination margins have impacted lenders from both sides of the P&L.  Bank originators are facing a difficult task—handling a cyclical decline in total originations and a shift to purchase alongside added competition from non-bank mortgage companies pressure revenue.  On the expense side while all face increasing compliance and regulatory costs, leaving superior margin management capabilities as one of the sole near-term controllable drivers to maintain ROE and volume plans.

This webinar will focus on benefits and uses of pricing analytics and strategy navigating today’s thin margin environment on focus and planning in this increasingly important topic.


  1. Achievable results through relationship pricing, purchase specials, regional based pricing strategy, and other applications
  2. Price exception, competitor matching, and sales driven strategy relating to competitive price in the industry
  3. Case study examples from leading practitioners of mortgage pricing analytics in the industry


  1. Understanding the role of price elasticity modeling and demand based pricing
  2. Overview of how an analytical pricing framework can benefit with sales-feedback
  3. Risks and areas to avoid when developing and implementing an optimization framework

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444