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Network of the Future — What Would Your Network Look Like if You Could Start Over?

Novantas Webinar Series

Darryl Demos, Executive Vice President, Novantas
Alex Lee, Director, Novantas

You can’t change your network overnight, but you need to start somewhere. Over 50% of your branches may be supporting less than 4,000 transactions a month (or fewer) in the near future, and you will need a radically different sales, delivery, and cost structure to survive. To plan for the network of the future, leading banks are turning away from their old technology and methods to new programs with the strategic analytical power to maximize visibility and coverage, thin their network for increased efficiency, and improve their capture of market churn.

Join Novantas experts Alex Lee and Darryl Demos as they examine the methodologies and uses of these network planning innovations, including:

  • Prioritizing market opportunity by line of business using a proven 4-Factor Analysis
  • Identifying the real “hot spots” in your markets based on perceived scale and convenience
  • Using different formats to minimize cost and presence and meet customer needs
  • Finding the best path towards a more optimal future state network — fewer locations, less cost, more customers

…And how to use them to create:

  • Branch-level action plans for the current and future state
  • Analytically driven approaches to assessing upcoming lease renewals
  • Prioritization of consolidation opportunities that minimize attrition and forgone sales


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