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Novantas / AI-Powered Research: Friend or Foe? You, as the Human, Decide

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Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) by Insights Association

Matthew Sharp, VP, Head of Customer Knowledge, Novantas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) I has been touted as the technology that will revolutionize the Market Research industry. Thus, Market Research platforms and methods powered by AI have become both revered and feared, leaving many practitioners questioning: “Where do I, as a human, fit into this new world of AI-powered research?”

In this presentation, we’ll share the practitioner’s mental model for how AI offers value to the research process and where over-reliance on the technology starts to erode quality of your research insight.

Find out how and where practitioners need to up-level to keep pace, specifically:

  • Acquire a mental model for how to think about and integrate AI into your research process.
  • Define where and how AI-powered research platforms and methods can add value to your work.
  • Articulate how cognitive systems (AI-powered research platforms) and human systems (the practitioners) need to work in a symbiotic relationship to achieve quality, actionable insights.

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