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Optimizing Marketing and Pricing to Hit 2017 Goals by Leveraging Better Data, Analytics, and Technology


Andrew Frisbie, Managing Director, Novantas
Eddie Niestat, Managing Director, Novantas
Brandon Larson, Director, Novantas

Driving deposit and customer growth is critical. For those lacking the resources of a National network bank, effectively picking your spots to compete is imperative. But competing requires a careful balance of moving the needle now and developing the analytics, technology, and plans for sustainable differentiation in the future.

In this session, we will reveal four areas that will help bankers hit their 2017 plans while setting the stage for an even stronger 2018. From the most tactical to the most strategic, attendees will learn how to:

  1. Use more granular pricing and scoring treatments to stop promotional leakage and target customers more effectively;
  2.  Improve marketing spend and mix to achieve better outcomes;
  3. Optimize the trade-off between marketing spend and rate paid to improve the ROI on spend; and
  4. Build a foundation for the technology and data environment that underpins these initiatives and enables future success.

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