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Reflecting LCR in FTP: Not Just Important for the Big Banks


Pete Gilchrist, Executive Vice President, Novantas
Steve Turner, Managing Director, Novantas

Large banks have been at the LCR calculation game for years. In most cases, they have worked through the direct and indirect implications LCR will have on their businesses. Regional and community banks have less of a head start—and many are not even subject to LCR. Regardless, LCR will effect everyone’s business. This session will describe some of the ways banks are adjusting FTP to account for LCR, argue the importance of adjusting FTP for LCR for regional and community banks, and suggest simplifications of big bank FTP refinements that will make lives easier for regional and community banks.

  • Understand the state of LCR implementation, including take-aways from our research
  • Learn how FTP is changing at big banks to reflect LCR and why
  • See ideas for how these FTP changes can be simplified so that they can be applied at regional and community banks

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