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Relationship Pricing — One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Adam Stockton, Principal, Novantas
Don Kumka, Director, Novantas
Bob Vokes, Managing Director, Novantas

As rates rise, there will be steep competition to retain high value customers, and banks will need to be prepared with new strategies and techniques to remain profitable. Across both sides of the balance sheet ample opportunities for growth with relationship pricing exist, but the definition and execution will vary by institution. In order to deepen relationships and defend positions, banks will need to leverage their inherent information advantage to pair the right segments of customers with the right offers at the right time. Join a panel of Novantas experts for an in depth look at what constitutes relationship pricing across deposit and credit products, how to develop the right strategic product and pricing paradigm for your institution, and what advanced modeling techniques are needed to succeed.


  • The range of ways to manifest an effective strategy
  • What’s required to be successful – including analytic challenges and necessary infrastructure
  • Case studies discussing best-in-class strategies and lessons learned along the way

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