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Small Business Banking in a Branchless World: How to Manage the Shrinking Network

CBA Webinar Series

Robert Griffin, Director, Novantas, Inc.

Branch transactions are declining rapidly across the industry driving bank-level decisions to consolidate the network.  However, despite the reduction in overall branch transaction volumes, Small Businesses remain heavily reliant on the branch for new account acquisition and servicing, creating a challenge for banks trying to migrate businesses to lower-cost, self-service channels.  In the face of unavoidable change, how will banks understand and serve their small business customers as preferences diverge from traditional retail banking customers?

Join Novantas as we explore how banks will need new, integrated marketing and sales strategies to keep pace with a changing branch network and profitably grow Small Business accounts and revenue.


  1. How to redistribute sales forces to ensure Small Business sales team coverage is aligned with market level opportunity
  2. How to use enterprise segmentation to enhance leverage for sales resources and improve small business targeting, lead generation and close ratio
  3. How to employ enhanced analytics and direct marketing & channels to drive the cross-sell of business banking accounts to retail customers
  4. How to create a multi-channel sales model that includes a  centralized, telephone sales capability, a mobile field sales team, and is supported by enhanced digital products and services

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