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Striking Gold: How to Find Digital-Ready Customers

Traditionally, direct banks have been at a distinct advantage when it comes to digital acquisition. With the geographical constraints imposed by a physical branch network lifted across Canadian financial institutions, however, competition is ramping up. How do you use your valuable marketing dollars more efficiently?

Join us on Tuesday, February 4th for a deep dive on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital customer acquisition campaigns. During this session, we will share a case study for how a Canadian digital FI reduced its cost per acquisition by 45% through laser-targeting its marketing campaigns and messages to “Digital Ready” customers.

Register today to learn about practical tools and tactics that help to:

  • Single out potential customers that have distinguished themselves as “Digitally Ready”
  • Laser-target your digital media campaigns on those prospects you are most likely to convert
  • Maximize your ROI by converting prospects who will deliver the highest lifetime value

For more information, contact Novantas Marketing

+1 (212) 953-4444