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The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer-Level Pricing: Strategies for the Rising Rate Environment

CBA Webinar

Deposit pricing is one of the most powerful short term margin levers you have to pull; yet strategic management of deposit pricing has been dormant at many banks since the chaos of 2008-2009.  All of that is about to change and the industry is beginning to realize how different the battle for the best deposit customers will be this time around. More sophisticated precision pricing techniques will be needed and many are finally advancing their capabilities around customer-level pricing. Join a team of Novantas experts who have worked on customer-level pricing strategies for over a decade, through multiple rate cycles, and learn how industry leaders are preparing. You will hear about strategies and tactics to integrate customer-level deposit pricing to the new rising rate environment, including what to do and what not to do to be successful.


  • Timing and extent of rising deposit rates – the Novantas “crystal ball”
  • Prior rising rate environments in terms of deposit yields, mix, and growth, and how the starting point is different this time around
  • Using new data and techniques for measuring stickiness and elasticity for individual customers
  • Practical deployment of customer-level pricing for national, regional and community banks
  • New techniques to properly value deposits, including the emergence of customer-level FTP
  • Regulatory implications, including stress testing

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