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What Makes a HELOC Customer Tick?


Zach Wise, Director, Novantas
Becky Soetaert, VP, Product Manager Direct Lending, Commerce Bank, N.A.
Eric Aved, SVP, Home Equity Product Executive, Bank of America, N.A.

While HELOC originations are growing, total balances are still shrinking. In this highly competitive market, who should you target and how can you encourage higher use by existing customers? Novantas has conducted a mid-2017 survey of HELOC customers and prospects to better understand the end-to-end lifecycle, connecting customers’ motivation, shopping behavior, disclosed use, and finally end of draw feedback across demographic and behavioral segments. Learn informative and actionable intelligence on highly coveted demographic segments such as millennials, high net worth, and behavioral definitions (revolvers, “rainy day” customers) to help align your bank lender’s strategy for a growing market.

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