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Checklist For Efficient Consumer Deposit Growth

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The value of core, relationship-based sticky consumer deposits can’t be underestimated in today’s banking environment.

Still, many banks aren’t taking advantage of analytics that can help avoid costly errors and improve their mix of high-value deposits as they navigate this unprecedented period.

This checklist for efficient deposit growth can go a long way in guiding banks to make the most of their valuable deposits.


Identify long-term sticky deposits

  • Determine segments with favorable, higher-value retention profiles
  • Calculate duration analytics for portfolio products and segments


Assess loyalty versus hot money

  • Analyze primary DDA relationships and core deposit growth versus single-service hot money
  • Leverage flow-of-funds level detail to spot new versus existing money and attrition risk


Align results to timely peer data

  • Analyze weekly rate position and understand true market clearing rates across acquisition and portfolio balances by peer set and industry totals
  • Explain variances to core industry metrics, providing executives a clear picture into key bank performance versus the market


Measure cross-sell activity, including new-to-bank households

  • Monitor customer cross-sell behavior over time and retention impact
  • Analyze the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, including marginal cost of funds


Define offers to deepen relationships, gather and maintain deposits

  • Efficiently target new money without cannibalizing the existing book
  • Pinpoint the best market and product to launch a campaign, tracking key competitor and market reference rates across both direct and branch channels

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