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Industry Insights


Uncharted Waters: Near-Term Actions That Could Ease Financial Strain

The safety and wellbeing of customers and employees are of utmost importance at this difficult time, but the recent dramatic rate cuts will push banks’ management to take meaningful action to operate a sustainable business.

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Research Reports

2020 U.S. Banking Shopper Survey

What do consumers want from a checking account and why do they switch providers? The Novantas 2020 U.S. Banking Shopper Survey explores this and more.

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Surprise Fed Drop Will Force Aggressive – But Surgical – Deposit Rate Cuts

The Fed unexpectedly cut interest rates by 50 basis points today, sending bankers racing to assess their deposit-rate strategies. It was the first time since the fall of 2008 that the Fed took rate action outside of a scheduled FOMC meeting.



Bank of Canada Holds Rates Steady, But Banks Still Face Challenges

The Bank of Canada held its target for overnight rates steady at 1.75%, but warned that recent economic weakness will bear close watching. Novantas has identified four key banking issues to monitor throughout the year.

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Novantas Viewpoint

Novantas Viewpoint | A New Approach To Due Diligence

To understand the true value of underlying deposits, acquirers — whether they are banks or fintechs — must dig deeper into the deposit portfolio during the due diligence period.

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As 2020 Dawns, Banks Need Laser Focus

Do you have the right vision for your bank? Novantas poses five questions to help guide bank executives through 2020.

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novantas review

2020: A Year for Vision

New year, new challenges. From deposits to the yield curve, the new Novantas Review guides you into the new decade.

Data Insights

Digital Decisions

Move over, banks. A growing number of consumers are interacting with non-bank brands for their financial transactions. A sneak peek at the latest Novantas research.

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Sitting Down with Novantas | Bob Neuhaus

Novantas sits down with Bob Neuhaus of J.D. Power to chat about customer satisfaction in the banking industry. Hint: it’s not great.



Disruption Inches Toward Canadian Banks

Canadian banks haven’t seen as much disruption as other banks around the globe. That may change soon.

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