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Industry Insights


Revenue Jump Start

In a challenging year, proactive measures to boost the top line are preferable to a strict focus on cost control, and their benefits can easily extend into 2012 as well.


Branch Culture: Farewell to Order-Taking

With free checking and product push on the wane, branch management must now turn its emphasis to building an authentic sales and relationship culture.


Strategies for the New Future of Branch Banking

Acute pressure for branch cost reduction is much more than a temporary operating challenge. Instead, new strategies will be needed for a permanently changed market.


Consumers in Motion: Stepping Away from Branches

A national consumer survey by Novantas shows that customers are broadly moving online for basic banking activities, yet still prefer the branch for high-value transactions.


Rebuilding Retail Distribution

Preserving old-style branches will be of limited value in a permanently changed market. For renewal, winning banks will look to the future of multi-channel retail distribution.


Branch Small Business Specialists: No Slam Dunk

As banks deploy more small business specialists across their branch networks, pressure is rising to make effective use of this expensive talent.


Transform the Branch Model — Before it’s Too Late

The physical distribution network remains critical to banking, but old-style branches may soon go the way of the corner bookstore.


Mass Affluent Strategy: Tilting from Investments to Payments

Bank investment products may never gain momentum with mass affluent customers. Yet this group has other major retirement needs that fall right into the strike zone for banks.


Rx for Cross-Sell: Customer Lifetime Value

By considering the lifetime value of the customer relationship, progressive banks are re-focusing the cross-sell viewfinder on priority customer needs.


The Case for Building Customer Lifetime Value

At a time when banks want to serve each customer as fully as possible, most don’t.

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