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Industry Insights


Commercial Sales Productivity: Four Keys to Winning Market Share

A concerted effort will be needed to strengthen the sales function in commercial banking, which is still overly reliant on the individual efforts of relationship managers.

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Virtual Customers: Who’s Minding the Store?

Retail banking customers increasingly are skipping branch lobbies in favor of remote alternatives such as online banking. Are they receiving adequate management attention?


The Merger Trap

At a time of massive overcapacity in the U.S. branch system, merger-based consolidation is once again being touted as an industry solution in pressing times. But are potential acquirers looking at a major opportunity or stepping into a major trap?


Buyer Beware

As the revenue drought drags on in retail banking, regional players are facing growing pressure for another major round of merger-based consolidation. Based on a recent Novantas analysis of the entire U.S. branch system, about 16,000 outlets, or about 18 percent of the total, will either need to be closed or reworked over the next three years.


Avoiding Branch Fatalities

A top banking performance challenge is dealing with impaired branch capacity. A strong market context will be needed in exploring ways to avert closures “at total loss.”


Practical Steps to Address the Crisis in Retail Banking

Following basic measures to cope with the revenue drought, retail bankers face the steeper challenge of transforming their franchises to compete in a changed market.


Night of the Zombie Branches: Rescues Possible?

Facing an overhang of failing branches, banks will need to take decisive action to avert closures


Slash or Transform Retail Distribution?

Banks that under-invest in a multi-channel future do so at considerable risk. New strategies are needed to balance branch cost reduction with distribution innovation.


Multi-channel M&A: Where do Branches Fit?

To grow in a market that is only partially recovered, commercial bankers will need a set of focused initiatives that match strengths with select opportunities. As with other banking lines of business, much of the commercial opportunity for 2012 centers on gaining market share.


Risk and the Road Ahead: What Bank Directors Need to Know

To cope with market volatility and heightened regulatory pressure, bank boards must play a much more proactive role in risk management.