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Industry Insights


Commercial Realty Lending: Gloom but not Doom

Predictions of a commercial real estate crisis have circulated for better than a year.


Checking: Rebuilding the Business Model in a Fee-constrained World

As overdraft fees recede, so too must the subsidy of free checking accounts. How can banks restructure checking for broad-based account profitability and customer appeal?


The Coming Battle for Commercial Deposits

Commercial deposits have provided an important source of stable and low-cost funding in a turbulent banking era.


Reg E: Turning the Tide on Opt-in Requirements

Ever since the Federal Reserve finalized new rules on how checking account overdrafts must be handled, the banking industry has been reacting to worst-case scenarios, and no wonder.


From Cross-Sales to Cross-Defaults: Dealing with Multi-Account Credit Risk

Retail banks long have aspired to sell multiple products to each customer, hoping to boost relationship profitability and also strengthen ties with households.


Mortgage Crisis: Opportunity for Regional Banks?

With superior brand strength and deep customer ties, alert regional banks can gain profitable market share amid the mortgage shakeout. Will they act in time?


The Changing Role of the Call Center in Auto Insurance Direct Marketing

The pressure is compounded by the recession-driven slump in overall demand, with drivers buying fewer new cars and also cutting back the extent of coverage.


Banks: Overlooking a “Shadow Retirement Market”?

Though successful, banking expansion into the retirement business has proved problematic in the Great Recession.


Mending Home Equity Lending: Rx for Pricing

In a post-collapse housing market, improved pricing is a major key in unlocking renewed healthy growth for home equity lenders.



Cross-Sell Aftershock: Dealing with Multi-Account Household Defaults

A single customer relationship can present credit exposure across all retail banking product lines. Can banks rise above splintered retail credit management practices?

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