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Industry Insights


Insurance and Banking: Oil and Water?

Successful growth strategies are all about specificity in identifying the most receptive customer groups and likely product combinations.


Deposit Pricing: Keys to Winning in a Tight Market

As shown in a 25-bank study by Novantas, advanced pricing capabilities are critical in tapping pockets of opportunity within the overall market.


The Earnings Credit Rate: Gain the Advantage

Leading banks are bringing new analytical insights to ECR, both to capture margin and to protect — or even grow — commercial DDA balances.


Commercial Deposit Pricing: Optimizing Through Analytics

Banks need a framework that is not only built on sound strategy but also able to support consistent, fact-based decision making.


Commercial Carriers: Cracking the Code on Small Business

There is a growing question as to whether commercial carriers have fully established a strategic center of gravity in the small business market.


Small Business: Shifting Gears to Deposits

To assist small business banking officers in winning deposits and selling fee-based services, leading banks have made it a top priority to dramatically improve customer and market intelligence.


The CFO’s New Role in Merger Revenue Synergy

Financial teams are playing key roles in identifying and realizing new types of revenue-based M&A performance improvements.


Managing Complexity for Advantage

Most of the largest institutions in the retail banking industry have moved to a sophisticated branch sales model that is intended to be more personalized and better able to win the customer’s total business.


Smart Mergers

Cost reduction is yesterday’s news. New M&A strategies must be grounded in revenue enhancement.


Specialization and the Deposit Business: Implications for Growth and Market Share

To combat specialists, network banks must learn to tailor offers for major customer segments.

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