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Industry Insights


Technology and the Science of Customer Retention

Data accessibility, analytics, rules-driven workflow and process visibility can supply the capabilities insurers need to retain profitable customers.


Proactive Card Strategy: The Economy, UDAP and Next Steps

Beyond today’s crisis is a new market where up-front selectivity will be a defining factor in credit card competition. Analytically-based strategies will be essential.


Commercial U-Turn: Treasury Management over Loans?

It will take a new kind of commercial banker to sustain sales growth with products other than loans, but there are specific actions that banks can take to speed the transition.


In Tough Economic Times, Does Customer Satisfaction Matter?

J.D. Power and Associates and Novantas have collaborated on a new research study that demonstrates how customer satisfaction affects retail bank growth and profitability. The initial findings from the study, while still preliminary, reveal that Customer Satisfaction is a significant and measurable contributor to retail bank financial performance.


Sharpening the Focus in Customer Acquisition

Despite a challenging market, a Novantas commercial banking survey reveals significant opportunities to improve middle market customer acquisition.


Branch Franchise: Death by Cost Cut?

Banks are entering an extended era in which smart expense reduction is a defining competitive factor. Losers will sacrifice profits and market share as well.


Mortgage Crisis: Opportunity for Regional Banks?

With their superior brand strength and deep customer ties, alert regional banks can gain profitable market share amid the mortgage shakeout. Will they act in time?


Credit Crisis: New Lines of Defense

In a precarious market, traditional risk defenses need to be fortified with new analytical approaches that better identify


Retail Deposits: Pricing to Win in a Tight Market

Current intense pressures on the U.S. retail deposit business likely will persist for several more years.


Crunch Mode: Centering on Strengths in Corporate and Institutional Banking

In today’s economy, business as usual will not be acceptable at many institutions.

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