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Industry Insights


Risk and the Road Ahead: What Bank Directors Need to Know

To cope with market volatility and heightened regulatory pressure, bank boards must play a much more proactive role in risk management.



Back to the Drawing Board for 2012

As banks gear up for 2012, the problem is not just overcapacity, but obsolete capacity. Deeper cost cuts must fit within a larger plan to rebuild the business.


Avoiding a Sales Productivity Crisis

Will branch staff cuts exacerbate the revenue crisis in retail banking? Much hinges on sales productivity. Leading banks are using four levers to meet the challenge.


Pricing for Opportunity in Home Equity Lending

Advanced pricing skills will be critical as home equity lenders compete for selective growth opportunities going into next year.

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Overemphasis on Coaching Kills Sales at Bank Branches

Novantas recently surveyed banks about how branch managers spend their time and found that banks whose managers spend more time on direct selling than on coaching outsell other banks by more than 30%.


Reconstructing the Retail Banking Business

Facing continuing revenue headwinds, retail banks will need transformative cost reductions to cope with the new realities of a challenging market.


U.S. Banking: A Challenging Road Ahead

As banking leaders begin planning for 2012, they face a crucial set of choices about the future of their institutions. After struggling to recover from the financial meltdown and turning in good performance, they remain stuck in a slow economy.


Wealth Management Strategies for Boomer Retirement

A tidal wave of retiring households will be looking for critical assistance in managing resources, presenting significant opportunities for responsive banks.


Commercial Customers: Coping with an Uneven Recovery

In an uncertain market, winning commercial banks will use targeted strategies to gain market share and serve customers more fully, especially in mergers and acquisitions.


Prioritizing for Growth in Commercial Banking

To grow in a market that is only partially recovered, commercial bankers will need a set of focused initiatives that match strengths with select opportunities.