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Industry Insights


Looking Beyond Products to Customer Lifetime Value

In a continuing tight market, banks can no longer pump out an assortment of their very best products and rest assured that profits will come rolling in.


Linking Customer Behavior with Bank Financial Management

The recent financial crisis has sparked a new level of collaboration between Treasury and customer-oriented business lines, centered on in-depth analysis of account behavior.


Small Business Banking: Setting the Agenda for Relationship Growth

To win in a tight market for small business banking, institutions will need to serve the total customer relationship, including commercial and household financial needs.


New Strategies for Relationship Expansion

As retail banks fight for growth through market share gains, executive management will need explicit strategies to cultivate fuller customer relationships.


The Relationship Approach to Retail Loan Growth

As lenders fight for growth through market share gains, the competitive emphasis will tilt from pushing products to cultivating fuller customer relationships.


Debit Legislation: Rethinking Retail Payments Strategy

Recent legislation likely will pummel debit interchange fees. Winning banks will develop new strategies and innovations that will improve customer segment responsiveness.


Renewing Home Equity Lending

The new competitive dynamic requires a much more analytical understanding of markets and customers, plus a consultative and personalized interaction with each borrower.


A Cautious Outlook for Household Credit Demand

In a languid credit recovery, winning retail banks will need superior skills in targeting, relationship management, risk-adjusted pricing and underwriting.


Rebooting the Checking Operating Model

Facing a sharply reduced revenue cushion to compensate for losses, banks will need to be much more selective about how they operate critical aspects of the checking business.