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2017 CCAR PPNR Planning: Eight Things to Worry About Right Now

The results of the 2016 CCAR review are promising: as predicted, 31 of the 33 CCAR banks passed their quantitative and qualitative reviews. But as banks await their Fed exit letters, there can be no rest for the weary — our unofficial horizontal review indicates that while this year’s CCAR cycle is three months shorter, internal bank validation, audit, and control deadlines are effectively unchanged from last year. The clock is ticking for modeling teams to refresh and advance their models. Below we reprint the eight things we see as the most critical steps to a successful 2017 submission.

Executive’s To-Do List: Lock down your 2017 CCAR calendar now. This year’s timeline reverts back to 12 months, resulting in 30% less time for planning and model development. Kick out the consultants. Use them if you must, but stop letting them run amok. Consultants should be innovating and teaching, helping to build a sustainable, affordable process — not just turning the crank year in and year out. Plan refinements to model development and model validation ...

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