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Mortgage Headwinds: Improving Returns in the Face of Multiple Capacity Constraints

Facing structural limits on origination capacity, lenders often pull the price lever, but with blunt results; better pricing analytics and technology can improve spreads.

Mortgage lenders are losing operational flexibility. They face constraints as never before: the impact of new regulation, balance sheet evolution, fickle investor demand and a less nimble processing capability. As a result, lenders’ ability to “turn on a dime” and profitably originate the product de jour has diminished. While seasoned mortgage bankers can pull out a tried-and-true toolkit to manage higher volumes, there are drawbacks with each tactic in today’s environment. Enlarging the processing staff could solve periodic problems with under-capacity, for example, but this surge capacity is too expensive to hold when volumes recede. Some lenders have considered outsourcing ...

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