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PPNR Stress Test CCAR/DFAST Statistical Testing

Confirming Residual Normality — A Necessary Step of Only Modest Value

PPNR Stress Testing models are largely developed using linear regression analysis, a key assumption of which is that a model’s residuals are “normal” (roughly, that a histogram of the residuals is bell-shaped). In this Perspective, we describe residual normality, characterize the more popular tests for normality, and share our views on the proper testing framework. We also point out the reality that testing for residual normality is generally low value-add: understanding why residuals should be ...

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The outlook for deposits should be at the top of bankers’ minds following the Bank of Canada’s recent rate hike, which represented its fourth — and a cumulative 100 bp — move in the past year.

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Fed Move Comes at an Inflection Point for Deposit Costs

Fed Funds target rate increase — the seventh since December 2015 — arrives as the deposit market hits an inflection point on rate paid, betas, and customer behavior.

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Quantitative Easing Unwind Poses Risks to Deposit Relationships

Winding down: Novantas analysis estimates $550 billion of deposits may be removed from circulation as Fed dismantles crisis-era QE program. Which deposits are at risk?

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