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Rising Rates and Deposit Pricing: Pacing and Planning Will Pay

The Novantas Perspective series provides timely and expert viewpoints on a variety of detailed banking industry subjects.

At Long Last! The Federal Reserve has just raised its benchmark Fed Funds rate by 25 bp — after seven long years at rock bottom. Overall, banks are breathing a huge sigh of relief, with the expectation of higher loan yields and revenue. But deposit gathering bankers must now face the reality of how to set deposit rates in response to rising interest rates — and in light of significant changes in regulation, competition and ...

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Banks Face Taxing Issue As Rate-Seeking Consumers Deposit Refunds

Tax refunds are filling the pockets of American consumers, providing banks with a brief opportunity to capture those funds.


The Industry Slowed the Focus on Cross-sell in 2017

The industry slowed the focus on selling to existing customers in 2017. On average, the rate of cross-sell was down close to 10% from 2016’s high of 17.2 asset or liabilities products sold per every 1,000 consumer households.


Banks Not Effectively Selling to New Customers in 2017

Banks saw large declines in both acquisition of new consumer households and in the effectiveness of selling products during 2017 – down over 4% each. Dive into the details


Balance Originations per Branch Remain Flat

While balance origination per branch was essentially flat year-over-year (< 1% increase), dollar productivity increased 1.5% due to a drop in FTE. Dive into the details


Branch-based Product Sales Down 6.2% from 2016

Branch-based product sales are at the lowest levels of the past four years, down 6.2% from 2016, and were met with a 5% drop in productivity.


Transaction Volumes Declining Faster than Teller Productivity

Transaction volumes are declining at a faster rate than teller productivity – 4.9% versus 1.2% respectively – highlighting the difficulty banks are having removing teller FTE from their staff. Dive into the details

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