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The Industry Slowed the Focus on Cross-sell in 2017

Super regional banks experienced a 13.6% decline in cross sell per 1,000 consumer households, dropping from 2016’s four-year high of 18.45 down to 15.93. All while household growth inched up on average 27 consumer households per branch – a less than 1% increase. Regional banks experienced a decline as well, but muted in comparison at 2.2%. Regional banks household gain was in-line with that of super regionals at under 1% year-over-year. With the steep drop ...

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The Industry Slowed the Focus on Cross-sell in 2017

The industry slowed the focus on selling to existing customers in 2017. On average, the rate of cross-sell was down close to 10% from 2016’s high of 17.2 asset or liabilities products sold per every 1,000 consumer households.

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