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Hyper Personalised Customer Interactions in Banking

The Novantas solution has enabled banks to conduct more profitable deposit business by using state-of-the-art Big Data and analytics technologies and techniques.

In today’s tight world economy, under-stress financial institutions including banks are looking for fresh solutions to help grab new customers, retain the profitable clients, and eventually boost the bottom line.

Banking on Big Data analytics is the way forward. The lines between the real world and digital finance are fast blurring. Increasingly, FIIs and banking executives globally are asking – how can analytics help in optimizing bank-client relationship? The answer lies in the combination of customer information base, technology and analytical methods.

Take what US-based Novantas did recently for one of its clients, a well-known US bank, for example. This global leader in analytic advisory services and technology solutions for financial institutions, implemented a solution for the 10 million customer strong bank that enabled the latter to conduct a far more profitable business than ever before by using persona-based pricing per customer.

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