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Makeovers Turn Out Smaller, Sleeker, Smarter Branches

Futuristic concepts, talked about for upwards of a decade, are becoming reality as financial institutions give their bricks and mortar digital makeovers. The overhauled designs often include: smaller square footage; tablet devices; free wi-fi for guests; the striking absence of a teller line; and concierges who will direct visitors to an appointment with a banker booked online…

These enhancements come on top of investments banks have been making for years to automate mundane tasks. Budgets have been allocated for cash recyclers, teller image capture software, and image-enabled ATMs — all technologies meant to help automate what had been manual teller work.

“They have to bring down the cost to service,” said Kevin Travis, managing director at the consulting firm Novantas. “The question is, ‘How do I have to spend to get to these cost savings?'”

Read the full article at American Banker’s Bank Technology News…

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