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New Study Proves Current Enterprise Data Strategies Ineffective

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with Cloudera, conducted a global research report to examine the trends, pain points, and opportunities surrounding Enterprise IT challenges in data analytics and management in a multicloud environment.

The report, “Critical Success Factors to Achieve a Better Enterprise Data Strategy in Multicloud Environment,” is based on insights from over 150 global business executives representing a wide range of industries, with almost half being organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue. The study found that the majority (69%) of organizations recognize a comprehensive data strategy as a requirement for meeting business objectives, but only 35% believe that their current analytics and data management capabilities are sufficient in doing so.

Novantas was among the participants.

“While only 24% of organizations use multiple public cloud providers today…half (51%) say they will need to. […] Rick Spitler, co-CEO of Novantas says he sees ‘extraordinary value in the insights available by considering bank branch decisions in light of customer behaviors, in light of competitive price positions, in light of marketing spend.’ But to achieve that level of insight means drawing on disparate data sets over time.”

“’You should be able to select the type of workload, select the capacity, run the job, and meet security requirements,’ says Kaushik Deka, CTO at Novantas. ‘Whether it runs on-premises or in a public or private cloud infrastructure, it should be agnostic to the use case. But that’s not the case today.’ Deka would like to see an integrated data platform that would allow him to focus on the use case, the workflow type, and the security requirements – and not have to devote so many resources to moving data from one spot to another.”

Read the full report here.

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